VisIt Developer Meetings

Agenda and Action Items for VisIt Developer calls held once a month, starting January 5th, 2015

Helpful format:

  • Agenda
  • Major issues/bugs or Features highly desired
    • All issues/bugs discussed should be added to our bug/feature tracker (if not already there)
  • Summary of action items
    • For each major action item a new wiki entry will be created. The people pursuing the action and the wiki link will be listed below

2015 Topic ideas

  • Please add topics you would like covered

2014 VisIt Developer Meeting Notes

February 3rd, 2014

  • Agenda
    • Quick Roundtable/Recap
    • Threading VisIt. (David Camp)
    • Multiple Ghost Layers (Cyrus)
    • Summed Extrinsic Rebin to Rect-Grid (Cyrus)
    • Revamping third-party support. CMake, Utilize Bilder (JR Cary)
    • Dax, EAVL, Piston (VTK-m) support. (Hari)
    • Libsim testing (Brad)

January 6th, 2014

  • Agenda
    • Introduction
    • Run down of possible topics
    • List of Current/Ongoing VisIt work
    • Actions items
  • Major/Critical issues that need to be addressed or Features requested
    • add notes
  • Prioritize topics list

Notes from meeting:

Eric, Brad, Mark, Dave, Jeremy, Cyrus, Rob, Kathleen, and JR Cary

  • Cyrus:
    • Comments: libsim: batch use cases. Brad put in some changes. We need to get better handle of libsim issues.
    • Comments: Use the issue tracker! (Release management) Site:
    • Question: SDAV work on Threading going? (Update: Asked David Camp to provide update on 1/20/2014)
    • Would like: Better Python environment support
    • Currently, has a lot of Python infrastructure for build releases.
    • Proposed: Every 2 months having a developer wide issue tracker update meeting.
  • Mark
    • Updated the wiki site with issues.
    • Inquired about putting features on visitbugs.
    • Would like automation.
  • Brad:
    • Comments: Python test harness pretty much ready to try.
    • Request: Would like to make Libsim more robust. Intelligent Light (IL) is making push towards NASA customers.
    • New Topic: Linux GL problems. Proposed Solution: Diagnosis program incorporated into build_visit.
    • Question asked: Whether we should revamp current categories
    • Brad's Answer: Go to Special Pages -> Categories : Add Categories link to
  • Hari asked: Asked whether we should consider a consolidated web and build presence. <—
    • Currently: Dashboards - Burlen (, - ORNL,,, Bulletin Board, Testing - NERSC.
    • Conclusion: things are ok for now <—
    • Action item: Talk about things, maybe figure out project resources
  • Eric:
  • Livermore is looking into setting up access to Dashboards
    • Commits/Warnings: Code Sprint to resolve Commits/Warnings
    • More frequent discussion needed on special topics, but 2 weeks

General Feedback on topics:

  • Documentation, Testing/Dashboards. (Goal of commits/warnings)
    • Documentation: ODT to PDF, HTML scripts for porting VisIt help . Hari: I can automate this? Mark: Scripts pop the window. Automation of user manual, more maintainable, PySide: Regression test automation.
    • Action: Broader discussion of Documentation needed
    • Write up: Sub tasks and issue tracker.
    • Using the issue tracker. Commitment needed from developers
    • Brad suggested breaking each high level topic into a set of distinct work items and adding it to visitbugs.

Action Items

  • Documentation, Testing/Dashboards, Policy on Commits/Warnings/etc...
    • Working group on Documentation
      • Please add you name here.
      • Hari - Investigate porting
      • Cyrus
        • Has info on how to create books using the mediawiki collections module
        • Has a set of python scripts (evolved from the old build bots) that automate release builds
      • Eric

    • Working group on Testing/Dashboard support
      • Please add you name here.
      • Hari
      • Cyrus
        • LLNL is working to get ports open to use my.cdash
    • Working group on handling VisIt related Warnings
      • Please add you name here.
      • Hari
      • Kathleen

Possible Topics


  • Dax, EAVL, Piston (VTK-m) support.
  • Revamping communication infrastructure between VisIt components.
  • Revamping third-party support.
  • Updating the plugin infrastructure.
  • Potential Use cases that are not addressed efficiently and should be.
  • A way to classify and group plugins and then have VisIt load only those in specific classes.


  • finish and commit generalized subsetting capability
  • parallel error handling and recovery
  • refactoring of all parallel code blocks (many are common) to single additional C language (plugin) file
  • overhauling caching of pipeline data
  • various testing improvements
    • 1k x 1k image sizes
    • direct curve comparisons
    • client-server testing
    • valgrind testing
    • resurrect static analysis testing
    • performance testing
    • coverage analysis in testing
    • automated gui testing


  • 2/3/2014
    • Multiple Ghost Layers
    • Summed Extrinsic Rebin to Rect-Grid
  • 1/6/2014
    • Future directions for libsim
    • Using the issue tracker
      • submit tickets for issues
      • LLNL reviews new issues each week; what about broader team?
        • Maybe broader team should review every quarter?
    • Release communication
    • Current state of threading support
    • Python env support


  • Libsim testing

JR Cary

  • Utilize Bilder

Current & Upcoming VisIt Development work

  • Add developer name, feature, brief description (also components touched)
    • Current activity, date <- important
  • Hari
    • Remote thin client (web/python/java) Creating a VisIt client that can connect from a remote location to the VisIt Viewer. Enabling collaborative environments. Components touched: viewer, gui, cli. Remote_Rendering_Work
   Current: Overhauling Java client interface for an ANL client. 1/3/2014
    • PySide/PyQt interface Creating a Python wrapping to allow for more flexible frontends (currently merges gui, viewer, and cli as one component). Components touched viewer, gui, cli PySide
   Current: Bug fixing, added experimental support of unified VisIt client on a branch which combines all VisIt components as one executable. 1/3/2014
    • Programmable Operators (Python and R support) Add Python & R support within VisIt's processing pipeline.
   Current: Need to streamline Python install process 1/3/2014
    • CMake build_visit Overhaul build_visit to use CMake's ExternalProject system (Prototype available). Components touched: none CMAKE_BUILD_VISIT
   Current: Prototype built, looking to extending support to all build_visit modules and Windows support 1/3/2014
   Kathleen can help with this.
   Current: 1/3/2014