Subversion aspects to a release

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Basic release process

The release process involves all three top-level directories. The release is started when the VisIt project leader copies the trunk to the branches directory, to create a release candidate (RC). Then bug fix work can take place on the RC. When the release is ready to go, the RC is copied into the tags directory to create a record of the release. The RC directory in the branches directory is then deleted.

A formal description of this process is located here.

Patches to finalized releases

If a critical bug is found and the final release needs to be modified, then a copy of the release from tags is made into branches to form a new RC. Work is done on that RC. When it is done, the RC is copied again into the tags directory. This time, it will create a 4th digit for version tracking. For example, if the original version in the tags directory was 1.6.1, the patched release will be called If this process is repeated, the next version will be called For releases with only two digits, a fourth digit will be inserted. That is, 2.0, will be treated as 2.0.0, and a patch of the final release will be called

A formal description of this process is located here.