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  • ...H. Weber, H. Krishnan, T. Fogal, A. Sanderson, C. Garth, E. W. Bethel, D. Camp, O. Rubel, M. Durant, J. M. Favre and P. Navratil, "VisIt: An End-User Tool ...D. Pugmire, T. Fogal, C. Garth, A. Sanderson, E. W. Bethel, M. Durant, D. Camp, J. M. Favre, O. Rübel, Paul Navrátil, Book chapter: “VisIt: An End-Use
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  • ** Threading VisIt. (David Camp) **Question: SDAV work on Threading going? (Update: Asked David Camp to provide update on 1/20/2014)
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