Slice Movie Template

VisIt's Save movie wizard contains a powerful but little known capability called movie templates. Movie templates allow the user to combine multiple vis windows into a movie, layering the windows, adding transitions, etc. Movie templates can then be saved for later use with different datasets.

VisIt provides a slice movie template that animates a slice plane through all 3 dimensions of a 3D dataset before fading to black.
Click here to see the slice movie

Creating a slice movie

To create the slice movie using the movie template, you will only need to open the Save movie wizard and navigate through a set of screens.

Selecting a movie template

  • Choose to create a new template movie.

SliceMovie wizard1.png

  • Choose to use an existing movie template.

SliceMovie wizard2.png

  • We want to use the Slice 3D movie template so click on that one in the list.

SliceMovie wizard3.png

Entering movie template parameters

  • VisIt will load custom user interfaces pages for the movie template.
  • This page lets you fill in details such as which dataset will be sliced.
  • You can also set visualization title and colors.

SliceMovie wizard4.png

  • This movie template ends with a fade to black sequence. You can set the duration of this sequence as well as the colors used.

SliceMovie wizard5.png

Selecting movie formats

  • Now begins the familiar part of the movie wizard where you select the types and sizes of the movies that you want VisIt to generate.

SliceMovie wizard6.png

Setting movie generation parameters

SliceMovie wizard7.png SliceMovie wizard8.png SliceMovie wizard9.png

  • You can choose how and when VisIt will generate your movie.
  • For example, if you want movie generation to take place within your current movie session then you would tell VisIt to use your currently allocated processors.

SliceMovie wizard10.png

Generating the movie

  • Once you have sucessfully navigated the movie wizard, VisIt will begin to generate your movie.

SliceMovie wizard11.png