Release Sanity Checks

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Release Sanity Checklists

Extra CLI Checks

Item Status
Check that we can import numpy

Interactive Checks

The interactive tests should be performed with the data files in the data directory of the distribution.

Item Status
Plot curv2D.silo
Plot multi_ucd3d.silo
Test Navigation
Test Zoom
Execute a Node and Zone Pick
Execute a Pick Query
Execute a Lineout
Check for Release Notes and Help
Check VisIt manuals was populated in Help
Test "Make Movie" with dba00.pdb

Additional Checks for OSX

Item Status
Check install names for @rpath
Test Parallel Launch by plotting procid expr on multi_ucd3d.silo
Make sure to test both the DMG / App Bundle package and the tar.gz package.
Under Options->Appearance, make sure the GUI style has the macintosh option.
Verify OSpray is installed (look at the 'Advanced' tab under Options->Rendering...).
Verify that the xmledit tool works from the bundle (/Application/
Verify that the DMG has been signed with a Developer ID and works properly.