M3D-C1 Reader in VisIt

The M3D - C1 will reader in hdf5 files containing M3D - C1 higher order elements.

The reader is similar to all other visit readers in terms of the file grouping. It is a Multiple Time Single Domain reader.

Set default open options

When reading a file the user can "Set default open options"

  • Mesh refinement: All scalar values displayed are placed on to a refined mesh which is then linearly interpolated in VisIt. This allows the user to visualize data and take advantage of all of VisIt's operators and plots. As the element are 5th order the refinement can be from 1 to 5 levels.
1-5 - number of levels of refinement, 2 (Default).
  • Linear Mesh data location: The data on the refined mesh can be placed at the nodes (default) or on the elements.
Node (Default) - place the data at the nodes
Elements - place the data on the elements
  • Process Data Selection in the Reader: If the user wants to view particular mesh elements by turning this option on the reader will process "Index Select" operator requests. By default "Index Select" operator requests are ignored on unstructured meshes. By checking this option the reader will process the requests. This option is useful for mesh debugging.
Off (Default)