Key Aggregate Expression

'key_aggregate' expression

Given a cell "key" variable and a cell variable (float array) to aggregate this expression sums values per key and assigns the aggregate value of each key onto where it occurs on the mesh.




Component Labels Component Area
Key agg cc labels.png
Key agg cc area.png

This example allows you to visualize the total area of each individual connected component in a mesh.

  • Open rect2.silo
  • Define a new expression: random_value
  • Define a new expression: cc_area
  • Create a Pseudocolor plot of 'cc_area'
  • Add an Isovolume operator change the default var to 'random_value' and set the max value = 0.3
  • Add a DeferExpression operator and defer the 'cc_area' expression.
  • Click Draw to view the plot.

For more information about VisIt connected components capabilities see Connected_components