Getting the password window to come up with SuSE

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When VisIt runs client-server mode and a password is necessary, VisIt will bring up a password window. This password window is supposed to be the active/in focus window by default. VisIt does everything it can to make it be active/in focus. But, in reality, it is negotiating with a window manager and that window manager must agree. For SuSE, the default settings make the window manager ignore VisIt's requests. To tell the window manager to be more lenient about this type of behavior, go to "Control Center", go to "Window Behavior", click on the "Advanced" tab, and turn "Focus stealing prevention level" to "None".

Also, I found the following (untested) tips for other Linux variants on a website related to the "OwenShow help", which seems to share the same problem:

  • FEDORA CORE 3 KDE: start menu, (KDE) control center, desktop, windows behavior, advanced tab, adjust “Focus stealing prevention level” from “low” to “none”.
  • MANDRAKE 10.1: there it’s hidden at “start menu / System / Configuration / Configure your desktop / LookNFeel / Windows Behavior / Advanced”.