Links about Eureka

Getting to Eureka

  1. Start by ssh-ing to This logging in from certain known machines that you have registered with ANL.
  2. Now ssh to
    • The password is retrieved from your Cryptocard.

Running on Eureka

  • The batch system is qsub and the internallauncher should support it.
  • VisIt and its third party libraries are installed under /soft/apps/visit
  • There is a config-site file, which is login1.conf
  • You can look at images on Eureka using the command "display".
  • To run, you must:
    1. Set your PYTHONPATH environment variable to: /home/buettner/python_lib:/usr/lib64/python:/usr/lib64/python2.4/lib-dynload
    2. Edit your ~/.softenvrc file to have the line +mpich-1.2.7p1. Mine looks like:
# This is your SoftEnv configuration run control file.
#   It is used to tell SoftEnv how to customize your environment by
#   setting up variables such as PATH and MANPATH.  To learn more
#   about this file, do a "man softenv".

Hank's notes to self about porting and the movie

Still to fix:

  1. HDF5
  2. Python mismatch
  3. Profiles install

Still to tune:

  1. Commit Nek3D mesh fix
  2. SIL tune: all one takes less work
  3. Why is message from proc 0 to viewer so big?
  4. Ice-T? / slow compositing
  5. Why 10 minute hangs in VR with Clip?
  6. Report on performance?