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This page describes additions to VisIt for visualizing Embedded Boundary(EB) CHOMBO data.


The following features have been added to VisIt to support EB CHOMBO.

  1. An EB CHOMBO database reader that supersedes the existing CHOMBO database reader.
  2. An glyphing operator that can glyph edges and nodes of the graph
  3. A channel generating operator that generates geometry for cut cells, filter covered cells, and generates shoreline
  4. A flood fill operator that takes data from a low resolution multilevel simulation dataset and injects it into a high resolution single level dataset.

These additions are described in depth in the following sections.

EbChombo Database

The new EB CHOMBO database reader supersedes the existing CHOMBO database reader and is EB aware. EB datasets contain the standard rectilinear mutilevel AMR hierarchy and an additional graph that describes the geometry of cut cells. In terms of VisIt's internal organization a database can provide a number of meshes, and variables associated with particular meshes. The mechanism used internally to identify the mesh that a given variable comes from is through a heuristic encoded in the variable name. The rectilinear mesh and it's data are accessed via the Mesh identifier while the graph and it's associated data are accessed via the Eb Graph identifier. The EB CHOMBO database can be used to access either of these as needed at the time a plot is created. This is demonstrated in the following two figures:

Mesh-selection.png Variable-selection.png

EbGraphNodes Operator

EbChannel Operator

EbFloodFill Operator


Pathological case