Dev telecon log Sept 12 2016

This page is obsolete but has been retained for historical purposes.

Notes from telecon for Sept 12, 2016


  • Hank
  • Kevin
  • Burlen
  • Eric
  • Matt
  • Mark
  • Allen
  • Brad
  • Cyrus

Action Items (from June 6)

  • Strategy Slides (Cyrus)
  • Start Planning Summit + Hackathon (Eric)
    • Jan 24th-25th are current proposed dates
    • 0.5 days: strategy / future directions
    • 1.5 days: code sprint
  • Other ideas for code sprint
    • documentation (extra day code sprint)
    • VTK-m / CUDA
    • migration to git
    • several hours for mini-talks on what people are up to ... but could this be done with our Dev calls?

Topics to discuss

Person who raised topic listed in parentheses:

  • documentation sprint (Eric)
  • migration of source code (Cyrus)

Topics for future telecons

Someone gives us presentations on:

  • Documentation
  • Transition to git
  • VTK-m stuff (this one could be a roundtable)
  • in situ
  • random talks on what people are doing (we can ad lib this ... i.e., don't need slides. Also should discuss hurtles we face)
  • more discussion of rendering (?)

October telecon topic: random talks on what people are doing + plan rest of telecons