Dev telecon log Feb 8 2016

This page is obsolete but has been retained for historical purposes.


  • Attendees: Hank, Eric, Brad, Dave, Burlen, Gunther, Jeremy, Kathleen


  • NERSC will retire SVN in the near future.
    • Intelligent Light has good SVN-based solution ready to go.
    • May also be an impetus to switch to Git.
    • We decided to defer the discussion for a future discussion.


  • Burlen gives update:
    • LBNL found security holes in CDASH for its Apache server & forced him to take it down.
    • So Burlen moved it to personal website:
    • VisIt source tree now points to new site.
    • Plan going forward:
      • Burlen restores nastygram
      • Burlen pings Hank & Hank tries


We discussed many potential topics:

  • compilers
    • C++-11
    • Intel
    • SIMD, OpenMP
  • GUI settings changes
    • auto-update
    • plot comes up when you open a file
  • Rendering
    • VTK GL2.0
  • Maintaining source code:
    • visit_vtk
  • libsim topics:
    • burden on users
    • Brad: 3.0 could do cleanup
  • volume rendering:
    • user interface
    • methods employed
    • modernizing the approach


Goal: get better performance.


  • Burlen shares experience with TECA where threading features in C++11 didn't work on some platforms.
    • Predicts we will need to use new compilers to make it work.
  • Windows discussed. We currently are using too old.
  • Jeremy asks if xlc will support C++11
  • Gunther says CHOMBO uses C++-11
  • Burlen: we could adopt an incremental approach. Cross-check compilers before adopting features.
  • Action items:
    • Kathleen says she will update her compiler and test.
    • Gunther reach out to CHOMBO team and ask them.
    • Eric talk to Jeff Keasler and asks about xlc support.
    • Jeremy or Hank reach out to Rob.

Intel compilers:

  • Hank confirms icc works.
  • Kathleen has Intel compilers.
  • Burlen: must disable optimizations when distributing binaries to many architectures.
    • But makes sense for Cori, Sierra, etc.
  • example flags: -Mtune, -MSE, -MAvx, -Ofast
  • Three builds:
    • gcc -O3
    • gcc + all flags
    • icc
  • Run performance study and also regression suite.