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This page shows some examples of using VisIt's CDash dashboard.

Using the continuos track

Continuous submissions probe the repository periodically(eg every 20min) for updates, grab them, build incrementally and run the regression suite. This gives developers quick feedback about their changes.


The figure above shows a snapshot of the continuous section of the dashboard. We'll use the highlighted entry to point out some of the useful features. The dashboard is organized as a table with a row for each submitting system. The columns represent various stats and show deltas. Each of the table entries can be clicked to access more detailed information. For example we can see that there were 12 files changed which resulted in 70 new test failures.

The first thing we might want to do is see which files changed. Clicking on the 12 will bring us to a page listing the files. Clicking on the individual files will bring up a diff of the change. In this way we can quickly browse any change set.