Crinkle Cut

This page describes how to use slices and selections in VisIt to create a "crinkle cut".

You can follow these instructions:

  1. Open your database and make a Pseudocolor plot
  2. Add a Slice operator
  3. Open the Slice operator attributes and turn off the Project 2D checkbox
  4. Draw the plot
  5. Turn on the Plane tool so you can interactively position the slice
  6. Open the Controls->Selections window and click the New button to make a new selection
  7. Choose to define the selection based on the current plot and call it intersect_slice so we have a memorable name to use
  8. Turn on the Automatically apply updated selections check box at the bottom of the Selections window so the selection will update on plots to which it has been applied when we alter the sliced plot
  9. Make a new window
  10. Make a new Pseudocolor plot that has not been sliced
  11. Open the Subset window for the plot by clicking on the interlinked-circles icon next to the plot's name in the plot list
  12. Select the intersect_slice selection and apply
  13. Draw the new plot. It will consist of the cells that were intersected by the first plot's slice plane
  14. If you go back to window 1 and use the plane tool to modify the slice, the plot in window 2 will update

This setup may not quite yield a "crinkle cut" but it could if you next apply a Clip operator and then lock tools across windows 1 and windows 2. This would ensure that the plane tool in window 1 would set the plane tool attributes for window 2, which would update the clip operator attributes for window 2's plot. The clipping plane would allow you to select the geometry on either side of the slice plane.