Color table

VisIt can import color tables in a simple XML-like format called a .ct file that you can copy to your ~/.visit directory. When you copy a .ct file to that directory, VisIt will find it at startup and make it available for use.

VisIt's color table format is one which uses parametric color control points and linear interpolation, which it then samples to a fixed color table when necessary. Many other color table formats use these sampled styles, however. Though one could naively convert them to a control point format -- e.g. create 256 control points for 256 sampled colors -- most color tables use smooth gradations of color transitions and could be effectively recreated using many fewer control points, which also makes them easier for users to edit.

Here are some of the options to create color tables:

  • Python script to create VisIt color table (.ct) files. script.
  • In VisIt's bin directory there is a script called "" that will convert an EnSight Color Pallet (color table) .cpal file to a VisIt color table file.

You can also Color expression within a python script.