Zero to VisIt Dev Build

Using build_visit to build required thirdparty libs

  • Select a working directory and a location to place VisIt's required third party libs
cd <working_dir>
mkdir _build_visit_tmp
mkdir libs/
mkdir libs/visit_thirdparty/
mkdir libs/visit_thirdparty/2.6.0/
  • Fetch the *trunk* version of build_visit:
cd _build_visit_working
svn co
  • Run build_visit to setup the required third party libs:
svn_bin/build_visit --console --makeflags '-j4' --no-visit --svn-anonymous \
  --advio --boxlib --ccmio --cfitsio --cgns --exodus --fastbit --gdal --hdf4 \
  --hpart --hdf5 --netcdf --silo --szip --xdmf --thirdparty-path <working_dir>/libs/visit_thirdparty/2.6.0/

When done this will create a `hostname`.cmake file, which contains all the info VisIt's build system needs to use these libs. In most cases this file will allow you to build multiple branches of VisIt.

Building VisIt

  • Checkout the VisIt source
cd <working_dir>
mkdir trunk
cd trunk
mkdir build.debug
svn co
  • Copy the `hostname`.cmake file created by build_visit
cp <working_dir>/_build_visit_tmp/`hostname`.cmake src/config-site
  • Run CMake to configure VisIt
cd build.debug
<working_dir>/libs/visit_thirdparty/2.6.0/cmake/2.8.8/<arch>/bin/cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug ../src
  • Build visit
make -j 8
  • Test visit