VisIt 3.0Beta To Do

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High level tasks

  • Directory Reorder - Mark
    • Status: Ready to pull trigger, waiting to see if anyone objects. Otherwise will do Tuesday 12/4.
  • Purchase GitHub LFS support - Eric
    • Status: Request to purchase 1 year of 4 data packs per month submitted. Was told this is cloud storage so IT needs to get involved.
  • Move VisIt Repo to GitHub - Cyrus
    • Status: Waiting on directory reorder.
  • Move issue tracker to GitHub - Alister
    • Status: Had discussion Tuesday 11/27 to reach final consensus on what the labels would be.
  • Produce a Linux distribution - Eric
    • Status:
  • Produce a Windows distribution - Kathleen
    • Status:
  • Produce a Mac OSX distribution - Kevin
    • Status:

High priority VisIt functionality to complete

  • Fix hardware volume rendering issue - Alister
    • Status: In Progess
      • Alister has a fix and needs to check it in.
  • Check out status of OSPRay rendering and make sure test suite passes with OSPRay support. The functionality doesn't all have to work, but easy bugs should be fixed. - Eric
    • Status: In Progress
      • The volume renderer looks like it is in pretty solid shape. I'm not sure what all the nobs do, so it would be nice to figure that out and document it, I found some information on the OSPRay website. The volume renderer appears to resample the data to a regular grid. I'm not sure where that is happening and there doesn't appear to be any way to control it. Right now it is fairly coarse, so making that finer and allowing control would be good.
      • The surface rendering has issues. When you build with OSPRay enabled it effects the rendering even when OSPRay is turned off. I found the two culprits and I'm working on a fix.
  • Check out status of Cinema support -
    • Status: Need to assign to someone
      • Eric was able to create a Cinema database so it must work at a basic level. The Cinema tests are commented out of the test suite, so there must be some issue.
  • Find solution to remote GL to Windows -
    • Status: Need to assign to someone
  • Convert VisIt Python CLI to Sphinx - Alister
    • Status: In Progress
      • There is an initial conversion. There was discussion of having Sphinx be the master of the documentation and having the Python docs strings derive from it, rather than the Sphinx documentation deriving from the Python doc strings. Not sure where that is, what the effort involved is and if we want to do that for 3.0 beta.