Tutorial Preparation

This page provides quick instructions that outline how to install a VisIt binary on your computer and obtain the sample datasets used in the VisIt Tutorial.

If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to email Cyrus

Installing VisIt

Select and download a VisIt release binary for your platform

Extract or Install the release

  • Linux/Unix:
    • untar the tarball
  • Mac
    • Open the DMG file and copy the VisIt app bundle to your desktop
  • Windows:
    • Run the VisIt installer program and follow the prompts.

Run VisIt to test your installation

  • Linux/Unix
    • In your shell, run
  • Mac:
    • Double click the VisIt app bundle
    • Or, in your shell, run
  • Windows:
    • Launch VisIt from the start menu (or equivalent)

VisIt's GUI and Viewer should appear.

Plotting an Example Dataset

Download the tutorial sample data:

Untar or unzip the visit_tutorial_data file

Create a Pseudocolor Plot of example.silo: pressure

  • In VisIt's GUI, click Open

Tutorial prep gui open circled.png

  • Navigate to the folder containing the tutorial data
  • Select example.silo and click OK

Tutorial prep file open.png

  • In VisIt's Plot list, click Add
  • Select Pseudocolor/pressure

Tutorial basics add pc plot.png

  • Click Draw in VisIt's Plot List

Tutorial prep draw circled.png

  • Your plot will appear in VisIt's Viewer, click and drag to rotate the plot.

Tutorial prep result.png