Svn bin

Hi Everyone,

I punted on deleting many of the files in clearcase_bin, because I didn't feel like I understood well enough what was used and what was not used. It is very possible that some unneeded files got transferred to svn_bin.

Below is a listing of each file in the svn_bin directory. For each file, we should determine if the file is needed or unneeded.

Further, I think it would be good to state the purpose of the script in one sentence. We can then turn that information into a README.

  • build_visit
    • Needed: A script to build VisIt and the libraries it depends on.
  • co_branch, co_rctrunk, co_trunk, del_branch, finalize_release, hooks, ls_branches, ls_tags, merge_branch_to_trunk, merge_rcbranch_to_rctrunk, merge_rctrunk_to_rcbranch, merge_rctrunk_to_trunk, merge_trunk_to_branch, mk_branch_from_rc, mk_branch_from_trunk, mk_rc, set_branch_to_trunk_revision, set_trunk_to_branch_revision, visit_svn_helper
    • Needed: Scripts for doing development in VisIt using Subversion
  • converttextfile
    • This script is used in visit-windows-dist to convert system configs to windows text file format.
    • This is a script that can walk source code and print out all of the include files that have been directly or indirectly included in a source file. It can be a useful tool if you want to figure out: "How the heck did that get included?".
  • makebundles
    • Needed for MacOS X to make the,,, etc. directories. It's called from configure.
  • makehelp, visit-bin-dist, visit-build-closed, visit-build-open, visit-dist, visit-install, visit-install-closed, visit-install-open, visit-install-closed, visit-install-open, visit-verify-version, visit-windows-dist
    • Needed: scripts for managing the release
    • I propose these scripts go to a new directory. release_scripts?
  • mkman
    • Not needed ?
  • py-install, qt-install, vtk-install
    • Not needed ?
    • I assume this is needed, but someone more knowledgable should speak up.
  • regressiontest, regressiontest_nersc, nersc_username_to_email
    • Needed: scripts used for regression testing
  • source_files, svn_files
    • source_files is used by visit-dist, I do not think svn_files is used (-Cyrus)
  • visit-config-anag, visit-config-closed, visit-config-closed.ini, visit-config-nersc, visit-config-nersc.ini, visit-config-open, visit-config-open.ini, visit-config-ornl, visit-config-ornl.ini, visit-guiconfig-anag, visit-visitrc-anag
    • Needed: site-configs.
    • Should this go somewhere else? config-site?
  • visit-create-chksums
    • I assume this is needed, but someone more knowledgable should speak up.
  • visit-dist.old.ccase, visit-windows-dist.old.ccase
    • Not needed ... right?
  • visit_get_usage
    • Needed: gets usage statistics at LLNL
    • (is this in the right place?)
  • visit_ss
    • Needed: used to perform scaling studies
    • (is this in the right place?)