Running VisIt on OS X

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VisIt is used mostly in Unix environments. Starting VisIt with OS X is straightforward as it is simply a MacOS X application bundle.

First download the Darwin binary. Binaries are provided the following platforms:

  • 32-bit Intel (Mac 10.5 and later)
  • 64-bit Intel (Mac 10.6 and later)

Click on the Download links to download the Mac application bundle stored as a 'DMG file. VisItMac download.png

Double-click the DMG file so your Mac opens it and exposes the VisIt application bundle. Drag the VisIt application to your desktop to copy it to your Mac.

VisItMac dmg.png


To run VisIt, simply double-click the VisIt application on your desktop.

When you run VisIt for the first time, you will have the option to install any network configurations for computing centers such as LLNL, ORNL, LBL, and Sandia. If you do not use computing resources at those sites, you can skip the network configuration.

Running from the command line

If you run VisIt from the Terminal application, you will have to reference the visit launch script within the application bundle. You can put that script in your path to make it easier to invoke.

Open the file called /Users/myname/.cshrc and add the following line to the end of the file (be sure to replace myname with your login name):

set path=($path ~/Desktop/

Once you have added the visit command to your path, you can simply type visit at the prompt to launch VisIt when you run from the Terminal.