Running VisIt on OS X

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VisIT is used mostly in Unix envinroments. Starting VisIT with OS X is straightforward, but it works in a very different manner than a typical Mac user usually expects.

First download the binary. The file name ends in .gz, that is a compressed file using the gzip compression library. Double click on the .gz file from Finder, the file will be uncompressed and a new folder will be created named visit.

Currently there is no way to just click on something and make visit run. To actually run visit you will need to use the Terminal application. This is located in Applications, Utilities, When run, this application is the text shell at the heart of most Unix applications.

First start the Next find the visit start script. If the uncompressed visit folder is in the download folder of your home directory you will need to change directories to enter this folder. From the terminal type the following:

 cd Downloads

(note that the terminal has auto file completion. you can type Dow and then press 'tab' and the file name will complete.) Once in the Downloads folder, change to the visit subdirectory. type:

cd visit

Next change to the bin subdirectory:

cd bin

now actually run the visit application from the terminal application. type


At this point you should be able to see a start up screen.