Osx 108 builds

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Here are the steps involved in building OSX release on the LLNL SQA Lab machine

  1. If you have not already done so, get an account on the OSX machine in the SQA lab
    • You will probably have to request the account directly with Jim Reus, Rena Echeverria-Thomason and probably Garry Schmere
    • Be sure to request an account with admin. privileges
    • The account is a local-access account only, but its fine if you wanna use the same info as your AD credentials
    • Rena or whoever does the work has to physically walk to where the machine is in the SQA lab and add the account
    • Its best that you also confirm your access to the machine by logging into directly while in the SQA lab
    • Once you have an account, you can push and pull stuff to/from it from a machine outside the SQA lab. However, the machine itself cannot see any network outside of the tiny SQA lab network.
  2. To access the machine, you go through a proxy machine and specify a magic port number
    • ssh -l <username> -p 7922 stubb.llnl.gov
  3. It is best to work from a tagged version of the release instead of from the release candidate branch. So, make sure the release manager has already tagged the release. In the examples below, we are using 2.12.1 as the version number which is part of the 2.12RC branch.
  4. You will need to scp to following items the OSX machine
    1. All the third party libraries needed for this release (at least the libs that will be enabled for the OSX build)
      • This assumes you have not already built them for a previous related release
      • svn co http://visit.ilight.com/svn/visit/tags/2.12.1/third_party
      • cd third_party; scp *.tar.gz -P 7922 <username>@stubb.llnl.gov:<target-dir>
    2. The VisIt source code itself
      • svn co http://visit.ilight.com/svn/visit/tags/2.12.1/src 2.12.1_src
      • cd 2.12.1_src
      • ./src/svn_bin/visit-dist visit2.12.1
      • this will produce a visit2.12.1.tar.gz tarball
      • scp visit2.12.1.tar.gz -P 7922 <username>@stubb.llnl.gov:<target_dir>
  5. Setup the masonry stuff