Downloading and Installing VisIt


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[edit] Where to get VisIt

Download VisIt Executables

[edit] How to install VisIt

[edit] Installing on UNIX and Mac

  • visit-install syntax
  • picking a network configuration
  • picking a default bank

[edit] Installing on Windows

Using the installation wizard is pretty straightforward, just follow the instructions on each screen until done.

Here are a couple of screenshots of the Components page, showing how to remove some of the database readers to possibly improve startup performance.

Image:DB_Screen2_smaller.jpg Image:DB_Screen3_smaller.jpg

With VisIt 2.3.0, you can run the installer from a command prompt, and pass it certain parameters to override defaults and to run in silent mode. Available options are as follows:

-ALLUSERS                   Install for all users. (Must be an admin. On Vista and Win 7, you will be prompted to 
                            elevate privileges, even in silent mode, unless you RunAs admin).
                            Default: install for current user

-SITE <LLNL Open|LLNL Closed|NERSC|ORNL|ANL|Princeton|TACC|None>
                            Specifies host profiles to be installed
                            Default: None

-PB <parallel bank>         Specifies parallel bank (FOR LLNL host-profiles)
                            Default: bdivp

-DB <database reader>       Specifies a default database reader for VisIt. (eg Silo, FLASH, etc).
                            Default: NONE.   

-DEV                        Install plugin development tools.
                            Default: no plugin dev tools.

-LIBSIM                     Install libsim tools.
                            Default: no libsim tools.

-AssociatePython            Associate python files (.py) with VisIt.
                            Default: don't set up association.

-AssociateCurves            Associate curve files (.curve, .ultra, .ult, .u) 
                            with VisIt.
                            Default: don't set up association.

/S                          Make install silent.

/D <installationdir>        Change install directory to <installationdir>.  
                            Default is %PROGRAM FILES% for ALL USERS and user's AppData folder for single user.  
                            MUST BE THE LAST PARAMETER!

[edit] What to do if you run into trouble

[edit] VisIt hangs at startup

Networking problems ...

[edit] VisIt runs but does not draw an image

OpenGL driver not configured properly (usually on Linux)

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