Developer Meeting Agenda March 2017

Welcome to the VisIt Developers Meeting planning page. The meeting will be March 28 - 29, 2017. The first day will be dedicated to technical presentations and discussions. Please enter presentations you would like to give or discussion topics. Presentations should include a title and the presenter name. Discussions should include the discussion topic and a moderator name. The second day will be devoted to a code sprint. Submit your ideas and add your name next to the idea or add your name to an existing idea. If you do not have access to the wiki send your ideas to and he will enter them.

Tuesday Agenda

8:30 Start

  • Idea collection - 15 min
  • Presentation - What IL is doing with VisIt, Brad, 30 min
  • Presentation - Status of threading, Hank, 20 min
  • Discussion - Future directions for VisIt, Cyrus will moderate, 1 hour
    • [MCM] Can we include Big Data potentials here? yes

10:30 Break (15 min)

  • Discussion - Evolving our Software Development Processes (Move to Github?), Cyrus (+1), 30 min
    • Some ideas are outlined here: Github
  • Discussion - Easier In Situ?, Brad, 30 minutes

11:45 Lunch (1.5 hours)

  • Presentation - Using the in situ for a Simulation Dashboard, Allen, 30 min
  • Presentation - Status of VTK7 upgrade, Kathleen, 20 min
  • Presentation - ALPINE, VTKm status, Matt, 20 min
  • Presentation - Update on NVIDIA NvPipe, Tom, 10 min
  • Discussion - Interface changes, Eric, 30 min
    • [MCM] Should we include the 3.0 list here?
    • [MCM] Re-vamp metadata/SIL to minimize info needed to open a database and elim. invariant vs. non-invariant issues

3:15 Break (15 min)

  • Discussion - Testing improvements, MCM, 15 min
  • Discussion - ZFP, memory resident compression of VTK objects, MCM, 15 min
  • Discussion - More flexible data partitioning/load balancing implementation (operator or database reader), Kevin, 20 min
  • Open discussion

6:00 Dinner (for those who would like to participate)

Wednesday Code Sprint Ideas

  • Continue adding content to the new VisIt Users Manual - Eric Brugger, MCM
  • Increase code coverage in our test suite. 40 of our 77 operators are currently untested. A slew of our DB readers are also untested -- Kathleen
    • [MCM] a good sub-task might be to go looking for data files we can obtain to use in testing for various DB plugins, identify plugins that are _stale_ and should probably be removed
  • VTKm operator prototyping -- Brad
  • Get up to date with VTK 7.x -- Brad
  • Is VisIt+OSPRay in a form that can be released and used -- Brad
  • Revive CDash / Automated build and testing -- Brad
  • Dry-run moving to github - MCM
  • Finish VisIt Manual RTD integration - MCM
  • AWS Windows/Ubuntu Testing - MCM
  • Move to github hosted Jekyll/Liquid Site - MCM
  • Write a CLI script that iterates over all database objects and plots them with appropriate plots - MCM
    • A way to validate an input database
  • PICS Code - Domain decomposition, Allen, Hank, Dave Pugmire
  • Python Movie Script, Allen Cyrus
  • Update to latest MESA with OPenSWR/llvmpipe support. It seems like a doable task for a 1 day effort. it would require tweaking build_visit, adding llvm dependency, updating tarballs, and likely updating baselines. - Burlen