Dev telecon log Mar 21 2016


  • Eric Brugger
  • Matt Larsen
  • Brad Whitlock
  • Gunther Weber
  • Jeremy Meredith
  • Kathleen Biagas
  • Kevin Griffin
  • Mark Miller

Past Discussions


  • Hank again suggests using VTK-m rendering for offline rendering.
    • Brad points out that the GL path enables collaboration with other groups.
  • OpenGL is best: best performance, portable.
    • Lots of effort to get there, and not as good as OpenGL
  • Brad advocates doing two builds:
    • server build
      • build Mesa, have Mesa advertise as OpenGL (not mangled), have VTK point to this mesa, then we get an engine with no X11
      • also in favor of static build
    • client build
      • build OpenGL-friendly.
  • (documented here: