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We have a number of upcoming events at SC15. Join us there!

[edit] Effective HPC Visualization and Data Analysis using VisIt

Visualization and data analysis are essential components of the scientific discovery process. Scientists and analysts running HPC simulations rely on visualization and analysis tools for data exploration, quantitative analysis, visual debugging, and communication of results. This half-day tutorial will provide SC15 attendees with a practical introduction to mesh-based HPC visualization and analysis using VisIt, an open source parallel scientific visualization and data analysis platform. We will provide a foundation in basic HPC visualization practices and couple this with hands-on experience using VisIt.

[edit] ISAV2015: First Workshop on In Situ Infrastructures for Enabling Extreme-Scale Analysis and Visualization

The considerable interest in the HPC community regarding in situ analysis and visualization is due to several factors. First is an I/O cost savings, where data is analyzed/visualized while being generated, without first storing to a filesystem. Second is the potential for increased accuracy, where fine temporal sampling of transient analysis might expose some complex behavior missed in coarse temporal sampling. Third is the ability to use all available resources, CPU’s and accelerators, in the computation of analysis products.

The workshop brings together researchers, developers and practitioners from industry, academia, and government laboratories using in situ methods in extreme-scale, high performance computing. The goal is to present existing in-situ infrastructures, reference examples in a range of science and engineering applications, to discuss topics like opportunities presented by new architectures; existing infrastructure needs, requirements, and gaps; and experiences to foster and enable in situ analysis and visualization.

[edit] Scalable In Situ Data Analysis and Visualization Using VisIt/Libsim

In situ data analysis and visualization enables scientific insight to be extracted from large simulations, without the need for costly I/O. Libsim is a popular in situ infrastructure that enables tight-coupling of simulations with VisIt, a powerful data analysis and visualization tool. This session will present successful uses of Libsim and build a community to share in situ experiences and lessons learned. The format will consist of lightning talks that speak to Libsim features and usage, followed by community discussions of user experiences, applications, and best practices. The intended audience consists of simulation code developers, analysts, and visualization practitioners.

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